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Boat Insurance

Quality Boat Insurance

Be you a captain of a modest sailboat, the commodore of a large and opulent yacht, or, say, the operator of a racing powerboat or some other kind of other water-plying vessel, you can likely benefit from purchasing a good boat insurance policy. Some owners of boats may even be under obligation to buy and keep a certain kind and level of coverage. For instance, many banks mandate that you purchase and keep active a level of coverage for replacement or repair of your boat until your loan is fully paid off. Boaters may be legally responsible to have liability coverage in place, as well.

Due to these requirements, it is important to formulate how much you need for coverage and what extras might also be helpful prior to buying a policy. One of our insurance professionals can help you in making these decisions.

To clarify, liability coverage is what pays for legal costs, judgments against you, medical costs and other protections should you be responsible for causing damage or injury to another party. This variety of coverage will not handle the costs of replacing your own boat or the losses of your own belongings. Replacement and repair coverage is offered to help you to pay for your own expenses related to an accident, a severe weather event or other covered incidents that result in some or total loss. There is more coverage available to protect your personal property from damage. There is also personal injury coverage, towing assistance, boat trailer coverage and more. Each boat operator will have a unique requirement for various optional coverage protections. For instance, if you never tow your boat with a trailer, obviously you would forgo trailer coverage or towing insurance. If you have good and comprehensive medical coverage, personal injury coverage likely will also be unnecessary.

No matter the size of your vessel, you can lose a tremendous amount of money if your boat is damaged, destroyed, or if you are the cause of an accident. Boat insurance will help you mitigate any potential losses. Of course, you need to pay the premium consistently to keep the policy active and you will also be required to pay a deductible before a claim is honored. These smaller expenses may save you substantially more should disaster strike. Call one of our insurance pros today to discuss your purchase of a good boat insurance policy.